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1.All ICAROB from ICAROB1996 to ICAROB2021(26 Volumes )(ISSN (Online): 2435-9157 ISSN (Print): 2188-7829) Proceedings
 (Open Access Proceedings) are published by Publisher Sugisaka Masanori

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ICAROB 2019 Dedicated Website for Review
ICAROB Year Dedicated Website for Review
ICAROB 2020,2021,... will be same as ICAROB Year DWR(Dedicated Website) for Review of abbreviation is named as DWR

2.Journal of Robotics, Netw orking and Artificial Life(JRNAL)(vol1-8) & Journal of Robotics, Networking and Artificial Life(JRNAL)(vol 9-) and J-STAGE JRNAL(vol9-) (ISSN (Online): 2352-6386 ISSN (Print):2405-9021) was established in June 2014 by publisher Atlantis Press that will end March 2022. As a publisher Masanori Sugisaka as Grobal Pubiisher established in January 25, 1996 will continue from March 2022 to future.
JRNAL's Statement of Peer Review Policies

3. Journal of Advances in Artificial Life Robotics(JAALR) and J-STAGE JAALR ISSN (Online): 2435-8061 ISSN (Print):2435-8061) was established by Publisher Sugisaka Masanori.
JAALR's Statement of Peer Review Policies