10.Design of an Intelligent Electronic Guide Dog Based on Jetson Nano

Zhencheng Chang, Yuran Lu, Ziyue Xiao, YanDe XiangCollege of Electronic Information and Automation, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, 300222, China
pp. 116–121
Blind travel has always been the core issue of social concern, and how to assist the blind to travel safely has always been an urgent problem to be solved urgently. Although some intelligent blind guide products have flooded into the market in recent years, such as guide boxes, guide battles, etc., but most of their functions only stay in the obstacle avoidance stage, lack of path planning, intelligent recognition functions, blind person positioning and are not easy to carry. Based on the above shortcomings, an intelligent mobile blind guide robot is designed in this paper. The blind guide robot is equipped with a variety of sensors and combined with the powerful computing power of the main control board to form a complete obstacle avoidance system to achieve autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance in a complex environment. It controls GPS positioning through Jetson-Nano, plans the route, detects obstacles with the help of cameras and ultrasonic sensors, and gives users feedback through the alarm sound of the buzzer.After experiments, the GPS positioning accuracy can reach 2.5m, the positioning delay time is 3s on average, and the camera recognition accuracy can reach 83.3% on average, which can meet the guidance needs of the blind in indoor and outdoor life.

Article History
Received 15 November 2022
Accepted 03 November 2023

Obstacle avoidance
Jetson Nano
GPS navigation
Ultrasonic sensor
Visual identity


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