3.An Intelligent Guide Hat Based on The Internet of Things

Suqing Duan, Yizhun Peng
College of Electronic Information and Automation, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, China
pp. 73– 79
The new guide cap utilizes an STM32 microcontroller as its control core, enabling a range of advanced features such as obstacle avoidance, intelligent recognition, voice interaction, and GPS positioning. The system incorporates the OpenMV4 Cam H7 Plus intelligent camera to provide continuous real-time monitoring and accurate feedback on important road information such as traffic lights and zebra crossings. Additionally, an ultrasonic sensor is employed to convert electrical signals into ultrasonic output, allowing for effective measurement of obstacle distances. to enhance safety, the system utilizes a Wi-Fi module and GPS positioning to transmit the user's location information in real time to nearby vehicles and pedestrians. This real-time communication ensures the maximum level of user safety.
Article History
Received 20 December 2022
Accepted 01 October 2023

Intelligent guideInternet of things
Voice control
Target detection


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