Music Recommendation System through Internet for Improving Recognition Ability Using Collaborative Filtering and Impression Words

Yasunari Yoshitomi, Taro Asada, Ryota Kato, Yuuki Yoshimitsu, Masayoshi Tabuse, Noriaki Kuwahara, Jin Narumoto
Corresponding Author
Yasunari Yoshitomi
Available Online 1 June 2015.
Collaborative filtering, Music recommendation, Music therapy, Impression word, Internet, and Skype
In our previously reported system, after the first music recommendation process using collaborative filtering was terminated, the second recommendation process based on the scores for impression words finds the most similar music to the successfully recommended music among music that has not yet been recommended. In the present study, based on our previously reported system, we propose a system for music recommendation through the Internet using a videophone system (Skype). The effectiveness of the proposed system is verified.

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