Prototype of a Supporting Tool to Generate Testing Communication Diagram

Tetsuro Katayama, Seiya Urata, Yohei Ogata, Yoshihiro Kita, Hisaaki Yamaba, Kentaro Aburada, Naonobu Okazaki
Corresponding Author
Tetsuro Katayama
Available Online 1 June 2015.
Software development, Software testing, Test cases, Visualization, UML(Unified Modeling Language)
This research has implemented a prototype of a supporting tool to generate testing communication diagram. The testing communication diagram helps a developer to understand where the software system is tested by a large quantity of test cases written in text, and it is generated by adding the information of test cases to communication diagram in UML (Unified Modeling Language). The implemented prototype can detect more efficiently deficiency and/or contradiction in communication diagram and/or test cases.

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