Distributed Terminal Backstepping control for Multi-Agent Euler-Lagrange Systems

Hu Chen, Seong-Ik Han, Jang-Myung Lee
Corresponding Author
Hu Chen
Available Online 1 June 2015.
Euler-Lagrange multi-agent system, backstepping control, Terminal virtual error surface
This paper presents a distributed terminal (finite-time) backstepping consensus control for multi-agent Euler-Lagrange systems. Terminal virtual error surfaces and virtual controls are proposed to guarantee the finite-time error consensus and formation convergence of a group of one-leader and multi-follower cooperative tracking Euler-Lagrange system.Finite-time stability including infinite-time stability was proved by the finite-time Lyapunov candidate function. Simulation example shows the effectiveness of the proposed finite-time backstepping coordinated tracking controller.

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