Proposal of a Modification Method of a Source Code to Correspond with a Modified Model in MDA

Tetsuro Katayama, Yuuki Kikkawa, Yoshihiro Kita, Hisaaki Yamaba, Kentaro Aburada, Naonobu Okazaki
Corresponding Author
Tetsuro Katayama
Available Online 1 September 2015.
MDA (Model Driven Architecture), Extended Activity Diagram, Activity diagram, Detail specification
This paper proposes a modification method of a source code to correspond with a modified model in MDA. The proposed method generates, translates, and modifies EAD (Extended Activity Diagram). Also, it generates a source code from the activity diagram. We use a simple ATM example to confirm availability of the method. The method can reduce time and effort to keep consistency between models and a source code after requirement specification is modified.

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