Development of an Intelligent Assistant Robot based on Embedded RTOS

Fengzhi Dai, Yuan Li, Guodong You
Corresponding Author
Fengzhi Dai
Available Online 1 December 2015.
Assistant robot; Microcontroller; Embedded system; μC/OS-II.
The paper focuses on the development of a wheeled intelligent robot that could be applied in hospitals or nursing homes for medical assistance. It includes two microcontrollers, MC9S12XS128 and STC89C52. The program is basically achieved on CodeWarrior 5.0, Keil ?Vision4 with the OpenCV library, porting ?C/OS-II real-time operating system to MC9S12XS128 in order to improve stability and flexibility. The robot has functions of infrared remote control, fuzzy rule-based path tracking, obstacle avoidance, color recognition and object grasping.

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