The Effect of Duration of Both Stages of Incremental Genetic Programming on its Efficiency of Evolution of Snakebot

Naoki Mukosaka, Yasuto Nishiwaki, Ivan Tanev, Katsunori Shimohara
Corresponding Author
Naoki Mukosaka
Available Online 1 December 2015.
Genetic Programming, Snake-like Robot, Incremental Genetic Programming, Evolution
The objective of our work is to investigate the optimal combination of durations of both stages of incremental Genetic Programming (IncGP) on the simulated Snake-like robots (Snakebots). The obtained results suggest that the number of generations cannot be used as criteria for separating the two stages of IncGP. We hypothesized that qualitative criterion, such as the emergence of smooth sidewinding locomotion at the first stage of evolution could be used instead, and conducted additional experiments that proved its worthiness.

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