MEMS Microrobot Controlled by Mounted Neural Networks IC with Two Types Actuators

Kei Iwata, Hirozumi Oku, Yuki Okane, Yohei Asano, Masaki Tatani, Yuki Ishihara, Kazuki Sugita, Satohiro Chiba, Satoko Ono, Mizuki Abe, Minami Takato, Ken Saito, Fumio Uchikoba
Corresponding Author
Kei Iwata
Available Online 1 March 2016.
Microrobot, Artificial Neural Networks, MEMS, PZT, SMA.
We report the hexapod microrobot controlled by the bare chip IC of hardware neural networks. MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) technology is used for fabrication of the microrobot. Lead zirconium titanate (PZT) and shape memory alloy (SMA) are used in each actuator, respectively. As the result, PZT type is realized the walking motion by bare chip IC. Moreover, SMA type shows the hexapod walking locomotion with mounted bare chip IC. The walking speed is 2.4mm/min and the step width was 0.083mm.

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