Task Assignment and Route Programming for Pattern Reformation on Grid Plane

Kuo-Hsien Hsia, Bo-Yi Li, Kuo-Lan Su
Corresponding Author
Kuo-Hsien Hsia
Available Online 1 March 2016.
Task assignment, pattern reformation, grid plane.
Pattern reformation problem on a grid plane is an interesting problem. Suppose there is a group of mobile robots on a square grid plane with the number of robots equaling to the number of columns/rows of the grid plane. The mobile robots are commanded to change to another formation as soon as possible. Any one of them has to prevent himself from colliding with other mobile robots during the moving of reformation process. In this paper, we will provide a systematic process on task assignment of route programming for the pattern reformation problem on a square grid plane. We will also provide a checking process to check if the suggested program is really good or not.

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