Feature Linking using Synchronized Responses in Chaotic Cellar Neural Networks for Visual Stimulus of Moving Objects

Akihiro Yamaguchi, Satoshi Arakane, Masao Kubo
Corresponding Author
Akihiro Yamaguchi
Available Online 1 March 2016.
chaotic synchronization, neural coding, spike response model, feature linking
A feature-linking mechanism using the synchronized responses of neural assemblies was studied for chaotic cellar neural networks (Chaotic-CNN). Chaotic-CNNs consist of chaotic spike response neurons that show chaotic inter-spike-interval dynamics. In our scheme of feature linking, the features of the target objects are linked by the synchronized spike responses characterized by the temporal chaotic pattern of the spike sequence. In this paper, we analyze the synchronized spike responses invoked by the visual stimulus of moving bars. Consequently, the resulting neural assemblies have higher correlation for the visual stimulus of two bars moving in the same direction than in the opposite direction. We also discuss the possibility of feature linking using the chaotic synchronized responses.

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