A Design Plan of a Game System including an Automatic Narrative Generation Mechanism: The Entire Structure and the World Settings

Jumpei Ono, Takashi Ogata
Corresponding Author
Jumpei Ono
Available Online 1 March 2016.
integrated narrative generation system, narrative generation, table-top role playing game, world setting
In this paper, we propose a narrative generation system based on the scenario generation method in tabletop role-playing games (TRPGs). This system uses an integrated narrative generation system (INGS) that synthesizes various narrative generation mechanisms. The TRPG is an analog game in which one or more players (PLs) play the role of characters within the framework of the narrative prepared by the game master (GM). A PL promotes the development of scenes, which leads to the completion of the narrative. In particular, we concentrate on the “world setting” that consists of the rules or constricts for a narrative and also the components defined by the rules and the stage setting of the narrative. In an ordinary scenario, a GM sets a basic world setting for the narrative generation through the interaction between the PLs. We consider preliminarily prepared scripts corresponding to various world settings in addition to the detailed mechanism to use it.

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