3.A Proposal of a Software Defect Predication System “FaRSeT-#” for Exploratory Testing

TYoshihiro Kita1, Kazuki Ueda2, Kiyotaka Sakurai2
1Faculty of Information Systems, University of Nagasaki, 1-1-1 Manabino, Nagayo, Nishisonogi , Nagasaki 851-2195, Japan
2Nihon knowledge Co.,Ltd. 3-19-5 Kotobuki, Taito, Tokyo 111-0042, Japan
pp. 115–120
The goal of software testing is to detect all latent defects. However, it is difficult to know how many latent defects remain and where they are hidden. In this research, we propose a system that analyzes the characteristics and tendencies of already detected defects and predicts where the latent defects are likely to be. Specifically, the system inputs the data of detected defects into a Self-Organizing Map (SOM) and predicts the locations that contain many defects from this map. To confirm the validity of this proposal, we input past defect data into the SOM, analyze the trend of defects, and evaluate the predictability of the latent defects..
Keywords :Software testing, Exploratory testing, Defect predication, Self-organizing map (SOM)

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Article History
Received 02 November 2021
Accepted 05 May 2022


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