9.Creation and Testing of a Conservative Chaotic Multi-Scroll System

Jiaxin Li, Haozhe Sun, Yong Liu
College of Electronic Information and Automation, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, 300222, China
pp. 110–115
The multi-scroll conservative chaotic system represents a novel category of chaotic systems renowned for their complex dynamics. Due to their intricate behavior, they have garnered significant interest among researchers in the field. This study focuses on the creation of a conservative multilayer chaotic system. The design involves integrating a polygon-free sinusoidal function to generate multiple scrolls within this conservative multilayer chaotic system. By incorporating nonlinear functions, this system generates one-dimensional linear multi-roll and two-dimensional multi-roll lattice distributions.

Article History
Received 15 November 2022
Accepted 02 November 2023

Conservative chaotic system
Balance point analysis
Lyapunov index


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